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SkipDr for XBOX and XBOX 360 Disc Repair

XBOX Disc Repair

Don’t Throw Out Scratched XBOX Discs!
Scratched discs can cause your favorite XBOX games to skip, distort, pixilate or freeze. Even with careful handling, discs often get scratched. You don’t have to throw away and replace scratched discs. You can repair a scratched XBOX disc!


The Nuts and Bolts of Optical Disc Technology
A full-sized optical disc is 120mm in diameter and 1.2mm thick. It’s made mostly of polycarbonate plastic, with a thin, core layer of metal. Whether the disc is an audio CD, game disc, DVD or computer software disc, the data information on a disc is stored in a spiral track of pits molded into the polycarbonate plastic layer. On a dual layer disc, the second data layer is stored beneath the first layer. The pits are then coated with a reflective metal (typically aluminum), and then a final protective layer of acrylic is applied before the label is printed.


Cross Section Disk Image


The laser and lens system of the playing device reads the data contained in the pits by passing a laser beam through the clear polycarbonate layer, reflecting off the aluminum layer and hitting an opto-electronic device that detects changes in light. The “bumps” of the data pits reflect light differently than the “lands” (the flat areas of the aluminum layer with no data stored), and the opto-electronic sensor detects that change in reflectivity. The electronics in the drive interpret the changes in reflectivity in order to read the bits that make up the bytes of data.

Scratches, abrasions and other surface imperfections on the “play” side (shiny side) of an optical disc can impair this reading process. When a scratch occurs, a ridge is formed in the polycarbonate layer on either side of the scratch. The laser lens is unable to focus through those ridges, resulting in distortion, skipping or freezing. Thick scratches and those that run in a curve parallel to the edge of the disc are those most likely to make it skip. Rubbing a disc in a circular motion can cause additional scratches and make the problem worse.


Cross Section Disc Detail


Depending on the size of the scratch, it may be enough to trigger the player to move the laser lens further than it should in order to stay on track with the data spiral. This extra movement causes the laser to lose the spiral once the scratch has gone by, bringing about another search for the spiral. Sometimes it finds the data spiral again so quickly that you don’t notice. Other times, the laser “skips” either forward or backwards on the track, repeating or skipping over pieces of data. If the scratch is severe enough, the player will return the laser to the “zero” or “start” position and use the index information to move the laser back to the approximate location where it lost the spiral data. This results in the laser lens system traveling back and forth, repeatedly, without regaining its place on the data track.


Scratched CD Image


Always Clean Before You Try To Repair
Simple dust, dirt and fingerprints on an XBOX disc’s surface can cause frustrating tracking errors that result in distortion, skipping or freezing during disc playback. Although these playback issues seem similar to those of a scratched disc, the scratch repair process may not be required.

Before you can determine that a disc repair is in order, you need to make sure your XBOX system is reading a clean disc. Discs should be cleaned before each use as a part of a regular maintenance program.


CleanDr® Safely and Gently Cleans Your Discs
CleanDr® Disc Cleaning Solution coupled with a non-abrasive CleanDr® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth safely and effectively keeps your discs skip-free. This is because CleanDr&erg; Disc Cleaning Solution is specifically formulated for optical discs. It’s also important to know that paper towels, toilet paper, tissues and many types of cloths can actually damage your discs, compromising protective coatings or adding small scratches. CleanDr® Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are 100% safe for disc coatings. They’re also machine-washable for years of scratch-free use.

Digital Innovations offers CleanDr® Disc Cleaning Solution and non-abrasive CleanDr® Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for all your delicate electronics cleaning needs. CleanDr® Disc Cleaning Solution is also included with Digital Innovations’ line of SkipDr® Disc Repair + Cleaning Systems, giving you an all-encompassing disc care solution.


OK, You’ve Tried Cleaning and Your XBOX Disc Still Skips. Read On…


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Permanently and Safely Repair Your Damaged XBOX Discs
Some scratch repair products actually damage the discs you are trying to restore. Several repair methods require filling in the scratches with a paste that can create haziness on the disc, blocking the laser from reading the data. This “repair” wears away after repeated playing. Other repair products grind away a layer of plastic from the disc in a distinctly circular pattern, leaving distorting circular track marks behind that leave the “repaired” disc even less readable.

Instead of throwing away damaged Wii discs, there is one repair solution that makes it possible to repair the scratches and restore playback. Nearly five years of research and development, using the most sophisticated scientific and engineering tools available, went into the development of patented radial resurfacing as a safe and effective disc repair solution. Now, radial resurfacing is the preferred method for fixing scratched discs.

By resurfacing the damaged disc in a straight line from its center to the outer edge, the risk of creating new scratches along the spiral data track is eliminated. After repair, the laser path cuts across the resurfaced radial pattern rather than tracking along it, as with circular resurfacing.

And the radial resurfacing disc repair process doesn’t wear away with use. It’s a permanent solution to scratched discs.


Disc Resurfacing Detail

Patented Technology

Proven Results
Radial resurfacing is scientifically proven to repair the primary causes of skipping and distortion on XBOX discs. The radial resurfacing action polishes away only the thinnest possible layer of plastic from the disc, thereby removing the ridges of plastic created by a scratch and allowing the laser to once again focus properly on the spiral data track.

Extensive scientific testing and use by millions of consumers in real-world applications show that radial resurfacing completely repairs most discs that skip or have distortion due to playside scratches. Unlike other disk repair methods, this technology adds no additional skips or uncorrectable errors. Actual disc error rate measurements scientifically confirm that a device employing the patented radial resurfacing action consistently fixes a wider variety of more severe scratches than alternatives.

The SkipDr® for Xbox Disc Repair + Cleaning System is the only repair product that uses the patented radial resurfacing technology. By polishing the polycarbonate plastic layer of a disc in a radial pattern, fixing most play side scratches that cause distortion and skipping, the SkipDr® repairs scratched discs safely, effectively and permanently. It’s the one repair solution that is proven to work, as millions of satisfied customers can attest.


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The secret to the effectiveness of the SkipDr® is in the FlexiWheel™, a wheel engineered with flexible spokes to provide consistent and uniform pressure across the disc from the inside edge to the outside edge during each rotation. The FlexiWheel™ is covered with an optical-grade microfrictional surface specifically designed to smoothly polish away the polycarbonate plastic layer of an optical disc. The amount of plastic removed from the disc is so small that a disc can be resurfaced many times without harm. Even through repeated uses of the SkipDr® on a single scratched Wii disc, change in thickness of the disc is negligible (less than .001″).


Flexi Disc Xbox


Regardless of your disc repair needs, Digital Innovations offers a SkipDr® product for you. The SkipDr® is available in motorized and manual versions. The manual disc repair system is a cost-effective solution for repairing scratched DVDs and CDs. The motorized version is optimized to quickly repair discs, with models suited for the Wii, XBOX, CD/DVD, Playstation 3 and Blu-ray technology. Each motorized model also includes CleanDr® Disc Cleaning Solution and a microfiber cleaning cloth, giving you all the tools you need to keep your discs clean and scratch free. The SkipDr® Disc Repair System from Digital Innovations is the only solution available on the market that uses radial resurfacing, the preferred method for fixing virtually any type of scratched disc.

The SkipDr® has sold millions of scratch repair devices worldwide – more than any other brand over the last ten years.


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