Why Credit Cards Are Bad To Keep Earphones From Getting Tangled

theNest keep earphones from getting tangled

Using credit cards to keep earphones from getting tangled is bad.

There are two types of people on this earth: collectors who can’t part ways with their beloved walkman or a discman…and…well…the majority who listen to music on iPods or smart phones. If you belong to the second category, it is safe to assume you have been through the highly frustrating experience of trying to keep earphones from getting tangled.

We have news for you; practice doesn’t make it any easier or less frustrating.

You don’t want to spend money to fix the problem, we get it. Besides, the internet is full of DIY solutions promising to free you from this maddening daily exercise. So let’s look at two options for solving this tangled earphones nightmare.

1. Use an old Credit Card as Earphone Wrapper: keep earphones from getting tangled

This is (sadly) a very popular recommendation floating out there.

What you need:

  • An old credit card and a pair of scissors
  • Skill level: High (if cutting paper was tough for you in preschool)
  • Time: About two minutes if you paid attention in preschool; up to 5 minutes if you didn’t

How do you do it:
Carefully cut holes for the buds and slots for the cords, round the 4 corners and you have a brand new earphone credit card wrapper thingy. Give it a name if you want to. You made it, you should be proud of it! Now there are some issues you should be aware of:

Look at those sharp edges! These are your buds’ worst enemy. It puts strain on the cord and ultimately it will cause the threaded wire inside the cable to fail…miserably. Which means you will need a soldering iron to repair your buds. The other option is to go buy another pair, but wasn’t your fancy credit card earphone wrapper thingy supposed to prevent this from happening in the first place? Hey, we are not judging and we appreciate the sacrifices you make to keep the economy going, but there might be a better way than adding to the big pile of electronics waste we already produce.


  • Cheap
  • Easy
  • Eco-Friendly, congrats!
  • Made in the USA (good job 😉 )


  • You need to do some work
  • Sharp edges will end up destroying your earphones (kinda counterproductive…)
  • Earpieces are left unprotected


Credit cards are meant to destroy credit scores, not earbuds. Let’s make sure you keep them away from our earphones. Haven’t they done enough damage? It leaves the poor buds exposed and unprotected. This makes us sad, dejected, and well, yes, feisty. Did we sound overly alarming while highlighting the Credit Card shortcomings? Good, now let’s move on to something we know will work.

2. A Remarkable Solution to Keep Earphones From Getting Tangledkeep earphones from getting tangled

The Nest Earbud Case

The Nest is an intuitive and effective headphone storage and management system from yours truly. What you need:
$9.99 or a Credit Card (hopefully you did not use it to follow option one before reading the conclusion)


  • Easy
  • It works!
  • It manages the cord AND protects your earphones
  • Awesome stress reliever
  • It is durable. Heck it is likely to outlive you without showing signs of wear and tear (that qualifies as eco-friendly too, no?)
  • Made in the USA


  • Not free (well it could be, but if we offered it for free, we would not be around very long to save you from tangled earphones)


It is awesome! Okay, we did make the Nest and might be somewhat biased, but go check out the reviews we get on Amazon. It sounds like the months of development we spent on the Nest were spent wisely! It’s strong, flexible, will protect your cable, earpieces and even the mic…and it is strangely fun to play with. We are told it is a great stress reliever too (since this was never established as a requirement during the design phase, we can’t really take any credit for this, but it is worth mentioning). Keep earphones from getting tangled with the Nest Earbud Case.

See all this angst you accumulated untying the knots in your earphones until today is about to vanish. Give it a try so you can save your buds and spend your cash on other things: iTunes, Google Play and Amazon have plenty of content and you saved a bundle buying the Nest, so go on and support the economy, digital download is about the most eco-friendly thing you can do.