Should You Trust Rice To Fix A Wet Phone?

DeviceDryer fix a wet phone

fix a wet phoneDoes rice REALLY fix a wet phone?

Your phone just did its best Michael Phelps impression. It was not a good one. Now you’re scrambling to fix it before permanent damage sets in. Time is of the essence! So first thing’s first: does rice really fix a wet phone?

Kind of.

Rice works in a pinch if you have nothing better on hand (more on that in a bit). Turn off your phone, remove the battery and SIM card, and grab a sealable bag. Put some rice in the bag, then add your soaked phone. This can buy you some time.

But here’s the thing. Rice is a temporary solution. Think of it like putting your finger you just chopped off on ice. That’ll work for a minute, but the finger still needs to be reattached by the doctor.

If rice is the ice in this scenario, then say hello to your phone’s doctor: Device Dryer.

Device Dryer is what we, the nerdy phone savers of the world, call a desiccant. This is a big, fancy word that basically means it makes things dry. Exactly how dry, you ask?

Device Dryer is silica-based. Silica  absorbs moisture REALLY well. As a matter of fact, it works 7.5 times better than Snap, Crackle, Pop, and all other types of rice .

And this is great news for you and your phone. Instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a new one, having Device Dryer ready when the phone goes for a swim could stop damage in its tracks by drying it fast.

The faster you act, the more your phone will thank you. Check out DeviceDryer here.