This Holiday Season, Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Other Smartphone Owners

mistake smartphone owners make


Have you ever stopped to simply reflect on the device currently sitting within arm’s reach? Whether it’s the iPhone 6 Plus, or a Samsung Galaxy S5, or any one of the impressive behemoths developed to make daily life more bearable – it’s pretty amazing how far the technology has come. That digital Swiss army knife comes with a hefty price, both in the purchase and the annual contract fees.

At the end of a year’s worth of smartphone ownership and usage, you’ve likely spent thousands of dollars just to have the same technology as everyone else.

So what is the biggest mistake that smartphone owners make? It’s not the phone you selected. It’s not necessarily the price you paid. And it’s not even the personal information you fail to protect.

It’s maintaining your smartphone’s hygiene. Seriously.


mistake smartphone owners make
Being clean ain’t always easy.




phone is dirtier than a toilet seat

 We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat. Ever since this report by the Huffington Post, it’s been a goal of Digital Innovations to combat the grime and buildup that occurs on touch screens in the safest manner possible (both for the screen and the user).

 All it takes is for one parent to lend his/her iPhone or iPad to the kids to play games on. An hour later, when you ask for it back, the device is typically pretty nasty.

The last thing I intend to convey is that your kids are nasty. It’s just an obvious example where you can actually see the dirtiness take shape on the screen with your own eyes. All smartphone owners make the mistake of shrugging it off, muttering “kids will be kids,” and continuing use of the device after a quick wipe of the screen with a shirt sleeve.

 Here’s why that’s wrong.



Let’s think about that shirt sleeve or pant leg go-to method. We’ve all done it. It does seem to wipe the screen clean, right?

To be frank, it’s an illusion of clean. All this method is doing is spreading the tens of thousands of microorganisms around on the screen, rather than effectively cleaning the device. Think of your smartphone as a digital petri dish. It’s the equivalent of a toilet seat with an ecosystem that you’re swiping, talking, pressing your face against, and sharing with your kids to do the same.

So how does one effectively clean a smartphone the right way?


mistake smartphone owners make
This is a clever move by this tie company, but not enough to actually CLEAN your phone screen.

If you’re in search of a guilt-free, safe cleaner that eliminates grime and buildup on your device screens, the first place you probably check is under the kitchen sink. What will you find that qualifies?

  • Windex glass cleaner It’s the go-to for most cleaning situations. Windex is awesome on glass surfaces and mirrors.  These surfaces remind us of the “glass” screens on our phones, so the natural thought is to replicate this shine on an iPhone/iPad screen. Unfortunately, this is so, so wrong. Windex contains ammonia and alcohol, which effectively break down the surface of your screen.
  • Antibacterial Surface Wipes They work so well on kitchen surfaces. Murphy’s wipes for wooden surfaces also fall in this category. You would think you could clean a smart device with a quick wipe-down right? Wrong. These wipes contain strong chemicals and alcohol that will equally damage your phone.
  • Electronics Wipes Obviously, these things are great. We are still going to be stubborn and include them on the NO list though. Our reasoning? Electronics wipes tend to leave annoying streaks. Clean + streaks ≠ clean.
  • Shirts/pants/ties It’s everyone’s first instinct. You can wipe smudges away, but no actual cleaning is occurring.
  • An old, trusty rag A rag and some tap water are bound to do the job. Many top publications recommend it as a great smartphone cleaning method. And it’s free, so it must a be a win-win. Unfortunately, even the tap water tends to contain harsh minerals and your rag may contain remnants of food and debris that cause scratches on screens. No bueno.

What you need is a dedicated cleaning solution and microfiber cloth that are solely for the purpose of cleaning your phone screen. You can find all numbers of cleaners on a quick google search. But does every cleaner you see include all of the following features?

  1. Streak-free
  2. Antimicrobial
  3. Microfiber cloth
  4. Alcohol and ammonia free
  5. Safe for the environment
  6. Made in the USA

airline-friendly-icon eco-friendly-icon alcohol-free-icon antimicrobial-icon all-in-one-icon made-in-usa







#ScreenDr makes #screen and #display cleaning a breeze. All in one, elegant bottle design.

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Right, it might seem odd to think of giving a loved one a cleaning solution as a stocking stuffer. But ScreenDr is the only solution that hits the five pillars of effective smartphone cleaning.

 An overwhelming percentage of kids and adults will be enjoying a brand new smartphone, laptop, tablet, or 55” HDTV. If you’re going to have the latest and greatest technology, why not include a way to keep that technology looking brand new every day?



 This holiday season, don’t make the same mistake as other smartphone owners make. Give the gift of ScreenDr. From now until January 31, you will receive free shipping with the code “screendr” if you buy from our website. Here are your options:

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Once you start using ScreenDr, you’ll begin to understand why it is the chosen screen cleaner that all others wish to be. Stop using a toilet seat device…See what the ScreenDr hype means today.

Give the gift of ScreenDr this holiday season.