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Expensive New Pair of Earbuds? Beats, Bose, and Sennheiser All Need Earbud Protection

beats headphones funny

If you received an expensive new pair of earbuds in the last month or two, the emotions and thoughts running through your mind are many. What should I jam out to first? Which song will sound uh-mazing through these new Beats? Can I listen to Debussy with my noise cancelling buds next to a 747 […]

The Nest Earbud Case is the Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

nest earbud case

If you find yourself shopping for the family music aficionado (or maybe you’re spoiling yourself this year), high-end earbuds for music are likely at the top of the wish list. Many will scoff at the $150+ price tag on new buds. But if you are committed to pulling the trigger on a pair of these […]

Cleaning a Messy Car is Not For the Faint of Heart. Here’s Five Steps to Make it Less Miserable

cleaning a messy car

This post was inspired by a classic Lifehacker list as well as a humorous piece from The Scrib. Cleaning a Messy Car is Not For the Faint of Heart It was week one at the new job, and my co-worker needed a ride home.  Instantly, emergency lights began to flash in my head. Luckily for […]

Need a Last Minute Father’s Day Gift? Stock the Man Cave with These Awesome Accessories

last minute father's day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Some people are organized and found a gift a long time ago.  Many others just remembered the holiday is coming five minutes ago when staring at their Twitter feeds.  If you need a last minute Father’s day gift, have no fear! We can help stock the man cave in your life, depending on […]

Tangle Free Earbuds: Are They a Myth or The Real Deal?

tangle free earbuds

Are tangle free earbuds a myth or reality? Short answer? Yes. Longer answer? Yessssssssssssssssss. After all: “There are only three things that college students constantly stress about: where the party is, what is on the midterm, and how their earphones always end up getting tangled.” – Winston Churchill The main takeaway here is not how bad […]