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This Holiday Season, Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Other Smartphone Owners

THE SAME MISTAKE SMARTPHONE OWNERS MAKE Have you ever stopped to simply reflect on the device currently sitting within arm’s reach? Whether it’s the iPhone 6 Plus, or a Samsung Galaxy S5, or any one of the impressive behemoths developed to make daily life more bearable – it’s pretty amazing how far the technology has come. […]

Clean LCD Screen: Here’s How to Tackle TV Cleaning Without Streaks or Damage

Entertainment just a few decades ago used to be tag, yo-yos, and a game of baseball out in the street with twigs and rocks. Nowadays, those activities would be just punishment for a young child being extra twerp-y. How do we stay entertained for five hours a day? Plasma, LED, and LCD televisions that connect […]

Can I Clean My Laptop with Alcohol? 5 Safe Methods for a Clean Computer Screen

can i clean my laptop with alcohol

In this day and age, one of the most common questions regarding device maintenance evolves around “is this homemade method safe?” This is an especially popular concern for laptop displays. To properly groom your laptop, you’re going to need to learn the safest and most reliable way to clean a laptop. To help you avoid damage, […]

Your Phone Is Dirtier than the Toilet Seat You’re Sitting on Right Now. Here Are Your Options.

dirtier than the toilet seat

A super fast, small GPS, music player, cat-video watching, selfie camera posing as a cellphone is an amazing mobile luxury that we use all the time these days. All. The. Time. With all this constant use, it’s easy to forget how gross the screen gets after time.  In fact, your phone is dirtier than the […]

They Say Life Boils Down to Four Bottles. ScreenDr Begs to Differ


  You may have seen this image floating around the internet and had an LOL. At the very least, you made a small noise with your mouth resembling a chuckle. But the artist left out an essential bottle of everyday life that we can’t miss. The missing bottle is ScreenDr. No life is complete without […]

Dirty Touch Screens in Electronics Stores Keep Customers Away. Increase Sales with This Quick Tip

dirty touch screens

The Big Box Challenge: Keeping Touchscreen Floor Samples Clean We’ve touched on how dirty your phone screen is before, but it bears repeating: DEVICE SCREENS ARE DIRTIER THAN TOILET SEATS. If you look down at your phone right now, there’s at least three finger smudges, questionable crumbs, and an eyelash for good measure.  Think about how […]

Getting a Head Start on Spring Cleaning? Here’s How to Properly Clean Device Screens

clean device screens

It’s the end of April, meaning it’s time to break out the Mr. Clean, the mop, and that turquoise apron from 1985. There’s dust everywhere. Cobwebs are in the window screens. Remnants of rock salt have also settled in between the tiles on the kitchen floor. But there’s one spot that gets overlooked way too […]