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Your Phone Is Dirtier than the Toilet Seat You’re Sitting on Right Now. Here Are Your Options.

dirtier than the toilet seat

A super fast, small GPS, music player, cat-video watching, selfie camera posing as a cellphone is an amazing mobile luxury that we use all the time these days. All. The. Time. With all this constant use, it’s easy to forget how gross the screen gets after time.  In fact, your phone is dirtier than the […]

Getting a Head Start on Spring Cleaning? Here’s How to Properly Clean Device Screens

clean device screens

It’s the end of April, meaning it’s time to break out the Mr. Clean, the mop, and that turquoise apron from 1985. There’s dust everywhere. Cobwebs are in the window screens. Remnants of rock salt have also settled in between the tiles on the kitchen floor. But there’s one spot that gets overlooked way too […]