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Screen Cleaning

Streaks, Dust, Scratches and Smudges; Enemies to your Eyes
Whether the screen is on your TV, your cell phone, your laptop, your car dash or the multitude of hand-held devices that have become a part of your day-to-day life, dust, dirt and oils cause smudges and distortions that are distracting and detract from your overall viewing experience. In addition, the time spent looking at all these different screens is demanding on your eyes (as evidenced by that splitting headache we sometimes get toward the end of the day). Unfortunately, things like fingerprints and scratches exacerbate this problem by making screens harder to see and thereby causing even more stress on your eyes. Keeping screens clean and scratch-free minimizes eyestrain, and increases viewing pleasure.

Touch Screens; a New Dimension of Dirty
An ever-increasing number of today’s devices feature touch screens. These include smart phones, MP3 players, tablet computers, eReaders, and GPS systems. Bacteria and microbes accumulate on these screens over the course of the day as we text people while eating lunch or curl up in bed to read the latest bestseller. And in the case of smart phones, these devices touch our faces. As such, keeping touch screens sanitary provides essential protection from potentially harmful germs.

Today’s Screens are Delicate & Vulnerable to Harsh Chemicals
By now we’ve established that keeping screens clean is important for various reasons. However, it is critical to note that many electronic devices feature screens with delicate coatings that require special cleaning care.

The external layer of an LCD (liquid crystal display) consists of a soft polarizing filter film that is highly prone to damage caused by the use of common household cleaners. The ammonia and alcohol from those cleaners can actually remove the anti-glare layer causing visible screen damage including scratches, smudging and clouding. Plasma displays have a glass substrate, which is also very delicate due to anti-glare coatings. Similarly, some CRT (cathode ray tube) have antiglare and/or anti-static coatings that require special care. These screen types are all susceptible to chemical-caused damage. Manufacturers of LCD and plasma displays specifically recommend against using household cleaners.

You also should avoid wood-based paper products, such as tissues, paper towels and toilet paper. The wood fibers in these products can cause scratches. In other words, grabbing a paper towel and some glass cleaner is the last thing you should do to clean your screens.

To aid in the understanding of modern screen technology, we’ve provided the following diagram as well as an overview of “The Science Behind Your Screen.”

Cross Section Disk Image


The Science Behind Your Screen
LCD screens use a fluorescent backlight to send light through its liquid crystal molecules and a polarizing substrate. LCD TVs work passively, with red, green and blue pixels. By applying voltage to the pixels using a matrix of wires, the pixels can be darkened to prevent the backlight from showing through. Most LCD screens come standard with an anti-glare layer that covers the outer-most layer of the screen (the polarizing film filter). The outer layers are very fragile and can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly.

Plasma screens feature a network of red, green and blue phosphors mounted between two thin layers of glass. Each triad of phosphors in this network comprises a single pixel. Plasma screens use a small electric pulse for each pixel to excite the rare natural gases argon, neon and xenon used to produce the color information and light. As electrons excite the phosphors, oxygen atoms dissipate and create plasma, emitting UV light.

Use the Right Tool for the Job
With this new screen technology comes a new need for safe cleaning methods. Digital Innovations has developed a complete product line featuring ScreenDr®, the safe, effective solution for screen care. With its patent-pending StorDry™ bottle design, extra-soft microfiber cloth, and advanced streak-free formula, the ScreenDr® Streak-Free Screen Cleaning System is safe and effective for all electronic devices, including televisions, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, eReaders, MP3 players, GPS devices, and camera displays. No other screen cleaner can come close to matching the features and benefits of ScreenDr®.

Cloth Always Clean & at Your Fingertips
A dirty cloth can damage or streak your screen. Soft, non-abrasive and lint-free, ScreenDr’s microfiber cloth is engineered to attract and trap dust and dirt for smudge-free, scratch-free screens every time. And only ScreenDr® uses Digital Innovations’ patent-pending StorDry™ technology to ensure the microfiber cloth stays with the bottle for clean and safe storage. The bottle’s vented design also promotes quick drying to keep the cloth free from mold and mildew, making sure it’s ready to go for the next use.

With ScreenDr®, you can pay attention to what’s on-screen, not what’s on the screen.
ScreenDr® uses an advanced, ammonia and alcohol-free formula to safely and thoroughly remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from any screen with no streaking. Its special anti-static properties keep dust away to maintain brilliant screen clarity between cleanings.

ScreenDr® works because it contains fewer additives than competitive products, it leaves no residue buildup on your screen. With an all-natural surfactant (cleaning agent) and unique formulation, there’s no risk of compromising delicate screen coatings or scratching sensitive screen surfaces. In addition, the fume silica drying compound in ScreenDr® doesn’t just remove dirt and debris more effectively, it reduces streaking and glare. It also has a fresh citrus scent that makes it a pleasure to use.

The 9 oz. bottle of ScreenDr® is optimized for flat screen televisions and large desktop computer monitors. It comes with an extra-large microfiber cloth.

The 5 oz. bottle of ScreenDr® is best for laptop and tablet computer screens. It comes with an antibacterial microfiber cloth to remove germs from touch screens.

The 2 oz. size is perfect for mobile devices like smart phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and GPS systems. It comes in an airline-friendly size and also features an antibacterial cloth to sanitize touch screens.

Regardless what type of electronic device you own, ScreenDr® keeps it clean, sanitized, scratch free and provides the best picture possible.