Santa’s Pick? SoundDr, a Wireless Smartphone Speaker Booster.


With the holidays just around the corner, you are inevitably going to be feeling a bit overwhelmed shopping for that someone. There’s at least one family member with two main qualities: difficult and humble (“I don’t need or want anything”).

speaker booster

The same person who hopes for “Christmas presence” rather than presents. Bah Humbug! Whatever happened to old-fashioned greed?


Time to get creative. Digital Innovations hosts a plethora of clever gift ideas, ranging from the practical to the downright essentials. If you’re looking for an eyebrow-raising gift that will actually get used, Santa’s pick is SoundDr, the sleek affordable phone speaker booster / amplifier. Here’s a quick demo of how SoundDr works:

SoundDr speaker booster delivers exactly what it promises:

  1. No wires necessary. 3 AA Batteries, hit the power button, and you’re good to go.
  2. No Bluetooth pairing, either. Just hit “Play” on your iPhone 4, 5, 6 or Samsung Galaxy’s music app.
  3. Place the phone on top of SoundDr. Adjust the volume on your phone as necessary.
  4. Enjoy 4 watts of sound from SoundDr, enough to kick out the jams next to the pool, on a patio table, or in the center of the card game at an intimate get-together among friends.


I already own a Bluetooth speaker. Why do I need a phone speaker booster?

SoundDr amplifies whatever phone you place on top of it. How many social gatherings have you attended where everyone has had a few rum & cokes and insists on playing their song? SoundDr makes it easy for anyone hanging out to swap DJ abilities without this jerk showing up:

speaker booster


Way to ruin all the fun again, Bluetooth pairing circle of death.

Bluetooth pairing on other peoples’ speakers is maddening. If you’re like me, you want to hear your song faster than it takes to remove one person’s phone from the Bluetooth connection in order to add your device. SoundDr makes music playing seamless. The sound quality is quite good considering how small the speaker is, and will play music for hours upon hours with only three AA batteries.


How does SoundDr work?

Everyone’s seen the iPhone in the cup trick. In fact, before I started working for DI (makers of SoundDr), I would prop my iPhone in the plastic cotton swab container in my shared bathroom during shower time at home. The sound would be muffled, but inherently louder.

sounddr speaker booster

With SoundDr, the muffling of the sound simply does not happen. The phone speaker amplifier uses inductive coupling technology and 2 separate speaker channels to ensure your Katy Perry blasts at an acceptable volume with crisp highs and lows.

Want more volume? Slide your phone slightly forward so the speakers are closer to the center of SoundDr. Need less volume for a smaller room? Ease your phone backwards so the speakers are lined up with the bottom edge of SoundDr. The options are plentiful in any listening situation.

For thirty dollars, you would be hard-pressed to find another battery-powered, wireless speaker that boosts phone volume this well.


Anything else cool about SoundDr?

Alright, I don’t have all day – but I suppose I can point out two more features I enjoy on SoundDr.

  1. DC 5V input: Simply hook your DC/phone cord up to a USB port and plug into the SoundDr. Now you can power the speaker without having to worry about battery life.
  2. Audio in jack: If you’d rather use SoundDr as a small speaker for your iPod classic at the office, you can plug your 3.5mm cord (included) directly into SoundDr.

SoundDr is made for placing and playing smartphones on top of it to boost phone volume signal, but if you’re a traditionalist and rely on an older mp3 player, just plug right in and you have an excellent, compact speaker at your disposal.

sounddr speaker booster


What’s the damage?

You can purchase SoundDr right here for $29.99.

Before December 31, enter the code ‘sounddr’ when you go to checkout and we’ll cover the cost of shipping. For thirty bucks, you’d be hard pressed to find a better stocking stuffer for the music lover in your family. If you’re looking for a great companion gift, have a look at our Nest Earbud Case.

We have some additional deals running. Have a look at the rest of our Holiday Blog Series where I make corny Santa jokes and overuse .gifs to get your money.

Stuff your loved one’s stocking with SoundDr, the compact and affordable phone speaker amplifier. It’s so easy to use, you’ll have Charlie Brown’s Christmas soundtrack playing next to the fire in no time.

Happy Holidays!