Press Release: Digital Innovations Provides a Permanent and Effective Solution to Fix Scratched Discs

SkipDr for XBOX and XBOX 360 Disc Repair

Arlington Heights, Illinois – July 7, 2009 – CD and DVD collections can be found in nearly every household in America. Whether used to hold music, data, movies, or computer software, discs have become the standard medium for distributing large quantities of information in a reliable package. These costly, important, and much-loved discs—whether a favorite audio CD, a movie on DVD, a game CD, three years of tax returns saved to a DVD-R, or the only copy of Windows XP—can become damaged over time, resulting in skipping, freezing, or in discs that won’t load.

Digital Innovations, an industry leader for consumer electronics care and maintenance products and manufacturer of products under the SkipDr®, GameDr®, and DvdDr® brands, realizes consumers want to save money and avoid having to replace or throw away scratched, damaged discs. The SkipDr® Disc Repair System fills this need by safely repairing discs.

The SkipDr® Disc Repair System uses patented radial resurfacing technology to polish the polycarbonate plastic layer of a disc in a radial pattern, thereby fixing play-side scratches that cause distortion or skipping. The result is a safely and permanently repaired disc. Editors’ GamePro Choice says, “The SkipDr can handle some nasty scratches on audio CDs.” And Billboard adds: “…clean, relatively hassle-free repair at home.” Gary Masching, CEO of Digital Innovations, adds: “SkipDr is no longer a well-kept secret. More and more households are making it a staple item in their home and are using it to clean, restore, and fix scratches on CDs, DVDs, games, and software. It’s practical and makes a great gift.” Maximum PC says, “We can personally attest to the SkipDr’s success with scratched discs.” And Macworld adds: “A far cry from paste-based kits. Digital Innovations comes to the rescue.”

Many movie enthusiasts have expressed a need for an at-home disc repair device to be used specifically for rental DVDs. Masching states, “Running into a problem after renting a movie is never fun. A scratched disc or scratched DVD can mean the party’s over. The good news is the DVD can be cleaned and restored quickly and easily with the SkipDr.”

The SkipDr®, DvdDr® and GameDr® Disc Repair Systems are available at and at most major electronic retail stores. Prices range from $19.99 for the manual Classic version to $39.99 for the automated Premier version. PlayStation rates it, “Best Accessory!”

Home Electronics Care Campaign

Digital Innovations is proud to announce their ongoing Home Electronics Care Campaign, designed to help consumers maximize their dollar and optimize the life of their products through the proper care of their home electronics, including flat-screen and LCD screens for TVs, computers, cell phones, handheld devices, and more. White papers on a variety of related topics are available at

The white paper “Repairing Scratched Discs: Don’t Throw Out Scratched Discs” explains to consumers why scratches on an optical disc adversely affect playback, and how nearly five years of research inspired Digital Innovations to develop a patented radial resurfacing solution.

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Digital Innovations, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois and was founded in 1995. DI works hard every day to understand consumer problems and pain points, then solves them by delivering innovative, effective and easy-to-use accessories and peripherals. DI’s product line includes ScreenDr™ for screen cleaning featuring the patent pending StorDry™ bottle design, LapGuard™ with Radiation Shielding Technology for laptops, Speaker Dock for Android™, DeviceDryer™ for soaked electronics, and AllTerrain™ “All Surface” Mice. DI got its start by launching SkipDr®, the world’s first consumer CD/DVD repair device that is arguably the most successful consumer electronic accessory in history having sold almost 10 million units and counting. Digital Innovations products are available online and at leading retailers such as Best Buy, RadioShack, Staples, Sears, GameStop, Kmart, AAFES, Meijer, Fred Meyer and many more.

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