Press Release: Digital Innovations Launches Home Electronics Care Campaign

Arlington Heights, Ill., – August 26, 2008 – Digital Innovations, the company that developed the SkipDr® and the industry’s leading cleaning and optimization products for consumer electronics, today announced the company is launching a “Home Electronics Care Campaign”. The goal of the campaign is to help consumers learn how to properly care for and optimize their electronics, including flat-screen TVs, computers, cell phones, handheld devices and more, in order to help maximize their dollar and the life of their products.

The campaign is being launched as a result of Digital Innovations’ extensive consumer research, which found that while sales of home electronics have increased steadily during the past several years, there is a lack of awareness about how to properly care for these purchases. Although every TV manufacturer specifically advises against using household cleaners on the new generation of flatscreen TVs, nevertheless many consumers continue to do so, unknowingly damaging these purchases. Household cleaners with alcohol and ammonia can significantly damage the anti-glare coating of these screens and affect the display. According to Randy Lervold, vice president of marketing and sales at Digital Innovations, “When it comes to big-ticket items like flat-screen TVs, this is an expensive lesson for the consumer. That’s why we’ve launched the Home Electronics Care Campaign. By educating consumers about proper care for home electronics, we hope to make it easier for people to protect their purchases, and even optimize performance. And in this increasingly budget-conscious economy, consumers appreciate ways to protect their investments.”

Digital Innovations’ Home Electronics Care Campaign will offer free tips, problem-solving white papers and other resources to help educate consumers about the proper care for electronic discs, screens, media players and more, increasing longevity and performance of these items. Currently the campaign includes an FAQ section at that addresses some of the most common questions about screen cleaning, such as “Can I use common glass cleaners on screens?” “Should the screen be on or off during cleaning?” and “Why can’t I spray the cleaning solution directly onto screens or electronic devices?” In addition to these tips, the campaign will offer four free white papers through the website, the first entitled “Cleaning Screens: How to Remove Streaks, Dust and Smudges Safely,” to be available to the public September 15, 2008.

Through the Web site consumers can also order a four-ounce size of the company’s patented Ultra Clear solution, as well other screen-cleaning products including the CleanDr® LCD/Plasma Cleaning Mitt, LCD/Plasma Cleaning Wand and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

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Digital Innovations, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois and was founded in 1995. DI works hard every day to understand consumer problems and pain points, then solves them by delivering innovative, effective and easy-to-use accessories and peripherals. DI’s product line includes ScreenDr™ for screen cleaning featuring the patent pending StorDry™ bottle design, LapGuard™ with Radiation Shielding Technology for laptops, Speaker Dock for Android™, DeviceDryer™ for soaked electronics, and AllTerrain™ “All Surface” Mice. DI got its start by launching SkipDr®, the world’s first consumer CD/DVD repair device that is arguably the most successful consumer electronic accessory in history having sold almost 10 million units and counting. Digital Innovations products are available online and at leading retailers such as Best Buy, RadioShack, Staples, Sears, GameStop, Kmart, AAFES, Meijer, Fred Meyer and many more.

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