Press Release: Digital Innovations Continues Consumer Awareness Campaign

“Don’t Throw Out Scratched Discs”

Arlington Heights, Ill., – January 12, 2009 – Digital Innovations, the industry leader for cleaning and optimization products for consumer electronics, announced it has released two additional resources for consumers as part of its Home Electronics Care Campaign. The white papers, “Cleaning Scratched Discs: Safely Eliminate Freezing, Skipping and Distortion” and “Repairing Scratched Discs: Don’t Throw Out Scratched Discs,” attempt to educate consumers about how to properly maintain audio, video and gaming discs in order to maximize their purchase and the performance of these items.

While there is a growing awareness about the need to keep discs clean for optimal performance, many consumers do not know how to clean these items properly, and in fact are causing further damage in their attempts to clean the surface. “Cleaning Scratched Discs: Safely Eliminate Freezing, Skipping and Distortion” explains to consumers that discs might be impacted by small substances, such as dust, dirt or fingerprints that can cause distortion, freezing or skipping. In turn, these contaminants can be transferred to the disc player mechanism, further compounding performance. Removing surface contaminates eliminates skipping, distortion and playback issues and in turn deters the disc from being scratched by those irritants.

Randy Lervold, vice president of marketing and sales at Digital Innovations, elaborates, “A growing number of consumers now realize that routine cleaning of discs keeps them operating at peak performance — however, if consumers are using traditional household cleaners with ammonia and paper goods, they can permanently damage a disc’s surface. Even some of the ‘scratch repair’ products on the market can actually damage the discs consumers are trying to restore. Our goal is to educate the public to save them from costly disc replacement, when the solution is as simple as using the correct product to clean and restore disc surfaces.”

“Repairing Scratched Discs: Don’t Throw Out Scratched Discs” explains to consumers why scratches on an optical disc adversely affect playback, and how nearly five years of research inspired Digital Innovations to develop a patented radial resurfacing solution. The paper explains how disc repair is a much more intense process than disc cleaning, and describes the proper method for repairing a scratched disc.

Both papers are part of the company’s ongoing Home Electronics Care Campaign, designed to help consumers maximize their dollar and optimize the life of their products through the proper care of their home electronics, including flat-screen and LCD screens for TVs, computers, cell phones, handheld devices and more. The first two white papers in Digital Innovations’ Home Electronics Care Campaign discussed “Cleaning Screens: How to Remove Streaks, Dust and Smudges Safely” and “Laser Lens Cleaning: Solve ‘Disc Problems’ With a Clean Laser Lens,” For more information, or for a free download of any of the Homes Electronics Care Campaign white papers, visit

Known for its best-in-class care solutions for home electronics, Digital Innovations markets its UltraClear Cleaning Solution, LCD/Plasma Cleaning Mitt, LCD/Plasma Cleaning Wand and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths under its CleanDr® product line. In 2008 Digital Innovations further enhanced its patented screen cleaning formula, and now consumers can order any size of the solution at

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Digital Innovations, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois and was founded in 1995. DI works hard every day to understand consumer problems and pain points, then solves them by delivering innovative, effective and easy-to-use accessories and peripherals. DI’s product line includes ScreenDr™ for screen cleaning featuring the patent pending StorDry™ bottle design, LapGuard™ with Radiation Shielding Technology for laptops, Speaker Dock for Android™, DeviceDryer™ for soaked electronics, and AllTerrain™ “All Surface” Mice. DI got its start by launching SkipDr®, the world’s first consumer CD/DVD repair device that is arguably the most successful consumer electronic accessory in history having sold almost 10 million units and counting. Digital Innovations products are available online and at leading retailers such as Best Buy, RadioShack, Staples, Sears, GameStop, Kmart, AAFES, Meijer, Fred Meyer and many more.

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