Your Phone Is Dirtier than the Toilet Seat You’re Sitting on Right Now. Here Are Your Options.

dirtier than the toilet seat

phone is dirtier than the toilet seat

A super fast, small GPS, music player, cat-video watching, selfie camera posing as a cellphone is an amazing mobile luxury that we use all the time these days. All. The. Time.

With all this constant use, it’s easy to forget how gross the screen gets after time.  In fact, your phone is dirtier than the toilet seat you’re sitting on right now. Gives a whole new perspective on Facetime with Grandma, doesn’t it?

Your mom told you to always wash your hands. So did your workplace.  At the very least, you run your hands under hot water when other people are present.

Well, it’s time for a new habit: always wash your hands before you use your phone.



dirtier than the toilet seat

Think it’s not possible? You’re right. It’s not.  There’s no way someone is going to wash their hands in between every text. So what’s the obvious solution?

dirtier than the toilet seatTSHIRT SLEEVE!

This is your gut reaction when you notice something is smudged on your screen.  A t-shirt sleeve is not a bad option, if you want to just spread dirt around like strawberry jam on bread. We’re trying to remove dirt completely. If your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat, then would you even want to rub your shirt on it (let alone your face during a call)? Next option.




dirtier than the toilet seatWIPES, WINDEX, OR VINEGAR!

So the jean leg and the polo shirt weren’t cutting it. But Windex contains alcohol and ammonia.  These will literally strip the protective coating from your phone screen… effectively transforming your Galaxy S into a high school science project gone bad.  It’s a household name for windows, hence the WIND abbreviation in the name.  Not for phones.

Lysol wipes are no better and cause screen damage.  They’re meant to disinfect toilets and grody kitchen counters.  Not your phone screen. The streaks left behind after a Lysol wipe kind of defeat the purpose of a clean screen, too.

And vinegar? Screen damage as well.  Vinegar has an added bonus: you might lose your sense of smell and taste the next time you google “How to make my cat love me.”



Your phone is dirtier than the toilet seat you’re sitting on.  When you finish your business, kindly wash your hands and begin research on a more practical solution: ScreenDr.


ScreenDr is free of alcohol and ammonia and safely cleans any device you own. In fact, ScreenDr creates a thin protective layer that keeps your screen looking cleaner longer.

Best of all, it comes with a premium cloth stored directly in the bottle (see picture above) so you don’t have to dig around for a crusty rag next time you can’t see Google Maps through the pizza stained screen.  If you want to give your dirty phone the deep clean it has been begging for, ScreenDr can prove to be extremely helpful.  We sell the stuff, so don’t take it from us.  Try it first.

Want a clean phone, no matter where you use it? ScreenDr is a must.

So maybe you can’t always wash your hands every time you use your device. Just remember that that beloved smartphone screen that you press against your face and your kids use all the time gets dirty quickly.

If you were to clean your toilet seat (or your whole house), would you just use a piece of toilet paper? No way, Jose.  If you were to clean your phone, would you use any old rag? Same concept applies.

We hope this has been an informative message for your office “bathroom break.” Don’t forget to wipe, wash your hands, and clean your phone with ScreenDr. The clean feeling after a solid thirty minutes of toilet texting is hard to beat.

ScreenDr is great for other devices, too. Have a look: tablets, laptops, and large TV displays.