ScreenDr FAQs

ScreenDr is a line of advanced electronics screen cleaning kits designed to clean screens of all sizes from TV to phones.

Household cleaners like Windex contain chemicals susceptible to damage the coatings used on screens.

ScreenDr comes in 4 sizes:

• 0.5 oz Ultra-portable size fits in pocket, purse, bag, backpack or briefcase and is the perfect size for travel

• 2 oz. best used with small to medium size screen like phones/iPhone and tablets/iPad

• 5 oz. best used with medium size screens like tablets/iPad, Laptops and computer monitors.

• 9 oz. best used with large size screens like LCD/LED & Plasma TV and displays.

Yes, ScreenDr formulation is free of ammonia or additional harsh chemicals that could damage the screens of your devices and/or TV.

An advanced streak-free formulation and our very own StorDry bottle design. Our vented cap allows for the cloth to be stored with the bottle at all times to keep it safe and dry. Best Buy and other leading consumer electronics stores elected ScreenDr as their in-store screen cleaning solution.

Cleaning with ScreenDr is an easy, three-step process:

• Spray a light mist onto one side of the cloth (IMPORTANT: Never spray directly onto the screen. Always spray onto the cloth).

• Using the damp section of the cloth, gently wipe away dirt, dust, and smudges from the screen.

• Using a dry section of the cloth, thoroughly dry the screen until moisture and streaks disappear.

Screen cleaning instructions are also outlined on the back of the packaging and the following general screen cleaning recommendations.

No, you should avoid Paper Towels and other wood-based products, as they could scratch the coating used screens. Do not use old clothes either, the seams could scratch your screen too. ScreenDr provides a large, highly absorbent high-quality microfiber cloth that will not scratch your display and that will be kept safe and dry under the StorDry cap provided with the bottle.