Need a Last Minute Father’s Day Gift? Stock the Man Cave with These Awesome Accessories

last minute father's day

stock the man cave

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Some people are organized and found a gift a long time ago.  Many others just remembered the holiday is coming five minutes ago when staring at their Twitter feeds.  If you need a last minute Father’s day gift, have no fear! We can help stock the man cave in your life, depending on Dad’s tastes.  Have a look at some of the best gifts for Dads we offer:

1.) The Nest

the Nest smart earbud & earphone holderLet’s face it, the man is typically seen with a pair of headphones and talking to an unseen colleague very loudly about inventory or something similar. Gotta love hands-free rules on the road! Or perhaps he’s a commuter on the train… In either case, it never does him any good to stuff a wad of earbuds into his work bag. By the time the earbuds are untangled, Dad has missed the weekly sales call, his car has driven off a cliff, and he thinks about all the lame Father’s Day presents he’s received while in mid freefall.  That got morbid pretty quickly, but this situation is easily avoided when you buy him a Nest. No, not the thermostat that spies on you and sells you hail damage protection, either.

I’m talking about The Nest Earbud Storage Case.  It’s small, sleek, and does exactly what it advertises: The Nest stores your headphones tangle-free.  Here’s a video of how it works.  Using the Nest is oddly satisfying, and Dad will wonder how he ever got by without one.  With over a hundred 5-star reviews on Amazon, The Nest makes a great gift for Dad. Currently available in blue, green, and pink!


2.) SoundDr

last minute father's dayI don’t want to make broad assumptions, but I’m going to broadly assume your Dad likes to grill.  I can also safely bet that he likes music. I’d put money on Guns and Roses or the Doors to start, but we’re not going to take it to that extreme.  Why not supply him with a portable speaker that requires no Bluetooth pairing or WiFi connection?

The SoundDr is a convenient music player that Dad can enjoy while working on his signature burgers out on the deck.  SoundDr produces rich, clear sound that can amplify a whole room or backyard despite being the size of a smartphone.  Check out this demo and see for yourself.



3.) EasyMount

last minute father's dayThe EasyMount makes not just a great gift for Dad, but a gift for the entire family.  It’s a sturdy, portable tablet holder that attaches right to the headrests in the car.  Now those long road trips downstate are a lot more bearable when you and/or your siblings are preoccupied with an episode of Friends. It works with any tablet and is easy to setup and take down.

It’s a great feeling when you don’t have to hold a tablet in your lap in the back seat and hunch over the screen to watch. When everyone in the car is entertained, Dad can keep his eyes on the road and enjoy a little peace while it lasts.  For a great last minute Father’s day gift, give EasyMount a try.


4.) SkipDr

last minute father's dayMaybe I got it all wrong. Is your dad a diehard gamer and/or movie aficionado?  If so, he likely has:

  • A copy of every game system imaginable.
  • A custom-built PC.
  • Shelves and piles of games and controllers
  • A DVD and Blu-ray player
  • ______


What belongs in that blank? Get Dad a SkipDr.  It’s a motorized disc repair system that turns old game discs from scratched up sad memories into fully playable games again.  Video games, CDs, movies, Blu-ray – if it’s skipping, don’t fret.  Use SkipDr to breathe some life back into your Dad’s extensive game and movie collection.


5.) CleanDr Laser Lens Cleaner

last minute father's dayIn the same vein as SkipDr, the CleanDr Laser Lens Cleaner takes care of your entertainment system rather than the discs themselves.  Simply insert the CleanDr disc in your game console, computer, or Blu-ray/DVD player and it safely cleans the laser lens on the inside.  Most disc read errors and playback failures can be resolved with CleanDr very easily.  So if Dad is relying on his old media hardware from college, set him up with a high quality laser cleaning disc that can transform his entertainment in just a few minutes.

6.) ChargeDr

last minute father's dayRounding out my list is the ChargeDr.  Has your Dad ever complained about how slow his phone or tablet charges when it is connected to a computer?  It’s completely frustrating to hit 5% on your device’s battery and then have to wait 2-3 hours to charge back up again.  Thankfully, the ChargeDr drastically cuts down that charge time for dead devices that are hooked up to a computer USB.  This is the perfect gift for the child that wants to be different and provide a truly unique gift.


7.) A Bear Hug and Fist Bump

Last, but not least: give your Dad a bear hug followed with a swift fist bump.  He deserves it for raising such a smart individual like yourself who shops at Seriously, you’re the best.  Have a fantastic Father’s Day!