Time to Stop Pretending. Do You REALLY Know How to Clean iPhone Screens?

clean an iphone

how to clean iphone screen

Should I Clean My iPhone Screen?

This question is kind of like asking, “should I wear the same pair of underwear for three days in a row?” It’s going to get predictably intense and shameful. Like a pair of well-traveled Hanes, your phone is likely dirtier than a public toilet seat. The obvious answer to “should I clean my phone screen” is a resounding YES.


How to Tell if an iPhone Needs Cleaning

Step 1: Look at it. If an Instagram blur filter has been applied to every app you have, you probably need to clean your iPhone.

Step 2: Admit defeat. It’s okay. We’ll get through this.

how to clean iphone screen

Step 3: Grab ScreenDr. Don’t ask questions.


How To Clean iPhone Screens Without Causing Damage?

There you go with the questions again. Well, might as well get to my point: It’s time to stop pretending that a shirt wipe does a good job at cleaning your iPhone. Alcohol and ammonia-based products like Windex are fantastic for windows, but your iPhone screen is so much more sensitive.


how to clean iphone screen

Things to AVOID Using to Clean an iPhone

  • Shirt. If it was that good at cleaning, would you also be using it around the house? Buttons leave scratches. Wiping does not equal cleaning.
  • Household cleaners. If you want to damage your iPhone’s protective coating, go ahead, but all phone manufacturers strongly recommend against it in their own manuals. I know no one likes to read these things, but it helps to check once in a while.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Wait, did you really try that? I admire your bravery…but no.


Things You Can Use to Clean an iPhone Screen

  • Microfiber cloth. It does a fair job, doesn’t cause damage, and relies on a soft, abrasion free material to clean a delicate surface.
  • Antimicrobial screen cleaning solution. Antimicrobial solutions provide hydrophobic and anti-static properties to help reduce buildup and accumulation.
  • Both of these things combined:  ScreenDr. Not all screen cleaners are created equal.

how to clean iphone screen



How Often Should I Clean iPhone Screens?

Try to clean your iPhone screen at least once daily. Like brushing teeth, the more you do it the better.


ScreenDr: An Epilogue

Congrats! ScreenDr will have you wondering how any other method sufficed to clean your iPhone. Now that you can clean an iPhone, here’s how you can do the same with TVs, laptops, and tablets alike. All with the same, dare we say… sexy design.

how to clean iphone screen

It’s time to stop pretending.  Keep your iPhone clean with ScreenDr.