Dirty Touch Screens in Electronics Stores Keep Customers Away. Increase Sales with This Quick Tip

dirty touch screens

The Big Box Challenge: Keeping Touchscreen Floor Samples Clean

We’ve touched on how dirty your phone screen is before, but it bears repeating: DEVICE SCREENS ARE DIRTIER THAN TOILET SEATS. If you look down at your phone right now, there’s at least three finger smudges, questionable crumbs, and an eyelash for good measure.  Think about how often you play on your screen in between trips to the bathroom, gym, office, and dinner table.  Dirty touch screens are as common as cat pictures on Buzzfeed. Imagine you work the electronics department of a national retailer.  If your phone is grosser than a toilet seat, then the display tablets and phone screens in stores are the edge of a port-a-potty on Sunday night of Lollapalooza. Sticky, unnaturally warm, and questionably smelly.  Nice visual, right?

dirty touch screens

On an unrelated note, this is extremely smart.

In stores with a high level of foot traffic, dirty touch screens will keep customers away, guaranteed.  A close look at an iPad Mini Retina screen typically  reveals Dorito stains, greasy fingerprints, and remnants of a recent crime. Glances at Surface Pros and Thinkpads reveal similar states of scum.  A typical customer will not walk out of your store with the best experience to share with friends and family.

Smudges make a $300 product look like a high school science project.

It’s challenging enough that buyers come in the store to play with the tangible product and maybe make a purchase online later.  But when they are turned away by the filthy appearance and greasy feeling rather than a smooth, responsive screen…Well, it’s a tough realization knowing that a great customer just walked out after a poor first impression.

dirty touch screens

It’s not just the screen that gets dirty, either. It’s highly recommended you clean the entire device.

So what can be done to continue improving the experience your customers have?  Well, you offer something huge that an online E-tailer doesn’t: tangibility. Face to face customer service.  An environment for qualitative product research.  Here’s how you can make the most of what you offer and eliminate dirty touch screens for good.

ScreenDr In-Store Professional Cleaning Program Rejuvenates Dirty Touch Screens

We call it the ScreenDr In-Store Professional Cleaning Program.  DI provides a bottle of ScreenDr free of cost to your electronics department so you can easily clean every device with a dirty touch screen. Tablets, laptops, and plasma TVs on display in the store require regular screen cleaning. Avoid cleaners with ammonia and alcohol that leave streaks and use an eco-friendly, 100% safe cleaner instead.

dirty touch screens

Watch a video of ScreenDr here.

The ScreenDr In-Store Professional Cleaning Program is a win-win.  Sales increase when customers interact with clean devices.  A store sample should not lack in any quality or cleanliness.  The feeling of a freshly unboxed device can easily be reproduced with a quick application of ScreenDr. The bottom line: if your products are looking stellar, the customer walks away with a better impression than they were expecting. Every interaction is different, but you should always help the customer, sale or no sale.

A Great In-Store Experience Brings Customers Back. Period.

And that is how you can create an unforgettable and positive customer experience. Please inquire about our ScreenDr In-Store Professional Cleaning Program with our sales team at customersupport@digitalinnovations.com. When it comes to providing an exceptional electronics department,  you can’t go wrong with ScreenDr.

You can find the industrial size of ScreenDr, as well as more portable 2 oz. and 5 oz. bottles, right here on our site or on Amazon.  See for yourself how easy it is to keep your sample devices clean in store. Dirty touch screens will be a distant memory once you try ScreenDr.