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Expensive New Pair of Earbuds? Beats, Bose, and Sennheiser All Need Earbud Protection

beats headphones funny

If you received an expensive new pair of earbuds in the last month or two, the emotions and thoughts running through your mind are many. What should I jam out to first? Which song will sound uh-mazing through these new Beats? Can I listen to Debussy with my noise cancelling buds next to a 747 […]

This Holiday Season, Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Other Smartphone Owners

THE SAME MISTAKE SMARTPHONE OWNERS MAKE Have you ever stopped to simply reflect on the device currently sitting within arm’s reach? Whether it’s the iPhone 6 Plus, or a Samsung Galaxy S5, or any one of the impressive behemoths developed to make daily life more bearable – it’s pretty amazing how far the technology has come. […]

Santa’s Pick? SoundDr, a Wireless Smartphone Speaker Booster.

  With the holidays just around the corner, you are inevitably going to be feeling a bit overwhelmed shopping for that someone. There’s at least one family member with two main qualities: difficult and humble (“I don’t need or want anything”). The same person who hopes for “Christmas presence” rather than presents. Bah Humbug! Whatever happened […]

If Your Xbox One Won’t Read Game Discs, Try This.

  Microsoft, Jay-Z called. He wants the original Xbox back. When a gaming console giant such as Microsoft or Sony releases “next-gen” systems, the gamers are sometimes skeptical that the new hardware won’t come without its share of problems. I’ve covered Xbox 360 disc read errors and Red Ring of Death in the past. Now […]

Dear Santa: My PS4 Won’t Read Game Discs. Am I Doomed?

ps4 won't read game discs

Reasons 2 through 7,345,399,000 not pictured here. It’s a beautiful time in gaming: you can drive a motorbike over a freight train, base jump off of a construction crane, and gun down rival gang members, all in first person 1080p detail. The mission is going swimmingly until you get a black screen and an error […]

The Nest Earbud Case is the Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

nest earbud case

If you find yourself shopping for the family music aficionado (or maybe you’re spoiling yourself this year), high-end earbuds for music are likely at the top of the wish list. Many will scoff at the $150+ price tag on new buds. But if you are committed to pulling the trigger on a pair of these […]

Clean LCD Screen: Here’s How to Tackle TV Cleaning Without Streaks or Damage

Entertainment just a few decades ago used to be tag, yo-yos, and a game of baseball out in the street with twigs and rocks. Nowadays, those activities would be just punishment for a young child being extra twerp-y. How do we stay entertained for five hours a day? Plasma, LED, and LCD televisions that connect […]

Can I Clean My Laptop with Alcohol? 5 Safe Methods for a Clean Computer Screen

can i clean my laptop with alcohol

In this day and age, one of the most common questions regarding device maintenance evolves around “is this homemade method safe?” This is an especially popular concern for laptop displays. To properly groom your laptop, you’re going to need to learn the safest and most reliable way to clean a laptop. To help you avoid damage, […]

Red Ring of Death: Don’t Panic! 5 Last Minute Fixes to Try Before Sledgehammering Your Xbox

red ring of death

Don’t Panic, It’s Just Our Good Friend the Red Ring of Death If you are just getting the red ring of death on your Xbox 360 for the first time, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. It’s a different kind of lucky that makes you want to see the world burn, but the silver […]

Time to Stop Pretending. Do You REALLY Know How to Clean iPhone Screens?

clean an iphone

Should I Clean My iPhone Screen? This question is kind of like asking, “should I wear the same pair of underwear for three days in a row?” It’s going to get predictably intense and shameful. Like a pair of well-traveled Hanes, your phone is likely dirtier than a public toilet seat. The obvious answer to […]